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Local is lekker!

The Creative Commons Affiliate Network includes over 500 volunteers from all walks of life who serve as CC representatives in over 85 countries. Working alongside non-governmental institutions, universities, and public agencies, CC affiliates employ region-specific approaches to copyright and intellectual property that help solve local and global challenges.

Creative Commons South Africa was founded by Heather Ford (public lead), and Andrew Rens (legal lead) . CCSA is now hosted at the Intellectual Property Law Research, at the University of Cape Town Law School.

South Africa Affiliate team

Megan Beckett – Public Lead

Megan Beckett is the Learning Research and Analytics lead at Siyavula Education, an education technology company based in Cape Town. She feels most fulfilled and excited when we break down the barriers between traditionally siloed disciplines and stand at the intersection of maths, science, art, technology, design and curiosity.

Megan completed her MSc in Molecular Biology at the University of Cape Town in 2011 and then sought out an opportunity at Siyavula to explore her passion for education in South Africa and creating engaging STEM learning experiences. Megan has coordinated large scale collaborative projects to develop openly licensed Natural Science content, drawing on the power of community. These open textbooks were printed and distributed for the whole country. She now focuses on learning research, data analytics and design within the context of online learning for Maths and Science. She strives to balance the quantitative and the qualitative, and the feedback loops between research, analytics, design, and business practicality, in all that she does.

Through her work, Megan has been an active advocate for open, both locally and internationally, specifically within education, but also more broadly in the open movement. She was on the Organising Committee for OpenCon in 2015 and 2016 and is now the public lead for Creative Commons South Africa.

Dr Tobias Schönwetter – Legal Lead

Dr. Tobias Schonwetter is the Director of the Intellectual Property Unit at the University of Cape Town’s law faculty. He currently is as a Principal Investigator for various IP-related research and capacity building projects, including the Open AIR project, ASK Justice and the Wikiprimary project. Since 2015, Tobias is an editor for the African Journal of Information and Communication’s (AJIC) Thematic Issues on Knowledge Governance. Since 2009, Tobias is also the legal lead of Creative Commons in South Africa.

Previously, Tobias was a Regional Coordinator for Africa for the Creative Commons Corporation and a Senior Manager – Technology and Innovation Law – at PwC South Africa. He also was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Cape Town’s Intellectual Property Unit. He specialises in intellectual property, particularly the relationship between intellectual property, innovation and development.

Tobias studied and practiced law in Germany, the U.S. and South Africa, and holds Ph.D. and LL.M. degrees from the University of Cape Town (UCT), South Africa. He has been awarded with the prestigious UCT Research Fellowship Award for his doctoral studies in 2005, 2006 and 2007. Tobias has written numerous articles on copyright law and he has spoken at various national as well as international conferences.