Save the Date! The Fourth Annual Copyright Week is January 16 – 20, 2017

Next week is Copyright Week! A whole week about copyright? Yip, that’s right. There’s lots to say, discuss and advocate for change around copyright to make the world a better place!

The copyright law in South Africa is governed by the Copyright Act No. 98 of 1978, (as amended up to Copyright Amendment Act 2002).

Do you have something to say or share about your experiences in dealing with copyright? Here’s a note from Kerry Sheehan from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

For the last 4 years, Copyright Week has commemorated the anniversary of Internet users’ defeat of the Stop Online Piracy Act by bringing together a diverse group of advocates to address and support a core set of principles for fixing copyright law.

This year, a whole batch of challenges – some new, some not so new – are emerging that make Copyright Week even more important, and we’re hoping you will join us in sharing ideas, resources, and actions for copyright policy that promotes free speech, innovation and creativity.

As a reminder, Copyright Week is an opportunity to blog about a set of core principles for shaping copyright policy, to draw attention to resources and actions supporting those principles, and to share each other’s work on these issues. You can see last year’s collection page here.

If you want to participate (and we hope you will!), please send me (a) an email from you saying so, and (b) a logo of your organization to put on the home page. Throughout the week, you can send me or the forthcoming Copyright Week mailing list links to your posts, which I will add to the landing page and promote through EFF’s social media channels.

Here are this year’s principles:

Monday, Jan. 16 (Martin Luther King Jr. day): Building and Defending the Public Domain:

The public domain is our cultural commons and a crucial resource for innovation and access to knowledge. Copyright policy should strive to promote, and not diminish, a robust, accessible public domain.

Tuesday, Jan. 17: You Bought It, You Own It, You Fix It:

Copyright law shouldn’t interfere with your freedom to truly own your stuff: to repair it, tinker with it, recycle it, use it on any device, lend it, and then give it away (or re-sell it) when you’re done.

Wednesday, Jan. 18: Transparency and Representation:

Copyright policy must be set through a participatory, democratic, and transparent process. It should not be decided through back room deals, secret international agreements, or unilateral attempts to apply national laws extra-territorially.

Thursday, Jan. 19: 21st Century Creators:

Copyright law should account for the interests of all creators, not just those backed by traditional copyright industries. YouTube creators, remixers, fan artists and independent musicians (among others) are all part of the community of creators that encourage cultural progress and innovation.

Friday, Jan. 20 (Inauguration Day):

Copyright and Free Speech: Freedom of expression is fundamental to our democratic system. Copyright law should promote, not restrict or suppress free speech.

Contact Kerry at kerry (dot) sheenhan (@) eff (dot) org to ask any questions and submit links to any posts.


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