By: Kelsey Weins

#OpenAfrica is an open advocacy training course that provides both a physical and online course.  It’s a Open BootCamp where the cohort is taken through a range of Open Access Movement projects to help immerse the participants in all the possibilities of Openness

The 1st #OpenAfrica course took place in Cape Town at the Africa Centre in February and March 2014. #OpenAfrica is hosted by WikiAfrica and funded by grants from Creative Commons, Prince Claus Fund and Foundation Orange.

Our first delegates come from  Malawi, Cote d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Ghana. Later on in 2014 in conjunction with P2PU School of Open  an online course will train a further 10 virtual Open Movement advocates in Creative Commons, Wikipedia, Wiki Commons, GLAM, Open Street Map, Open Data, Open Journalism, OER, community building, project management, communications and marketing, social media, fundraising, and crowd funding.

Please get in touch with us for more details.

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